Ocean Energy Wellness was birthed in 2009.  It pulled in all the pieces of my current lifetime; my degree in Marine Science, my work in the ocean and with marine life, my experience as a co-pilot on a submersible, my years of living in Hawaii, health and wellness, along with my spiritual journey to connecting with these energies on a deeper level.  It was awakening the past lifetimes I had in Lemuria, as a mermaid and star connections.  

This vessel created a connection with others to opening up more love from within themselves and activating holistic lifestyles that supported others in feeling more grounded and energized.

In my awakening to past lifetimes, the synchoronicities lead me to uncovering my connection to healing work, crystals and eventually essential oils.  This path lead me to closing down Ocean Energy Wellness because I wasn't sure how it all fit in together.  

It wasn't until 2018 that Ocean Energy Wellness was calling me back. I see it so clearly now.  I couldn't back then.

Now, the magic, the power, the essence that is coming through is so much bigger than I could ever imagine and perceive, even 9 years ago.

I have sat with this a long time. Clear signs and memories flooded me with so much JOY. This feels good.  Ocean Energy Wellness is RE-activiated with the power and magic to support you in establishing a holistic lifestyle that empowers your soul.



At Ocean Energy Wellness, we support you in establishing a holistic lifestyle that empowers your soul. The ocean energy has the power to ground you, support you and connect you to all that you are. Creating confidence, balance, connection and flow in your life. Opening up space so that you can finally feel and operate at your BEST.

Expect yourself to be guided by the wisdom of the marine animals, crystalline energies and essential oil essences. You will be fully supported through Stacy Stehle’s intuitive coaching and healing to unlock, transform and embrace the light that you are.


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