Alchemical Journey is about transformation + Creation.

Journey with the energy of the ocean to support YOU in feeling and living from your fullest potential.


This mini-course will help you:

  • Tune into your body

  • Understand energy and how to work with it

  • Bring your body, mind and spirit into harmony

  • Feel healthy again

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the ocean

self healing with the ocean energy

are you ready to feel grounded & present to create and transform yourself + your life?

You don’t need to hold onto what truly doesn’t serve you. Holding onto that energy leaves your body stressed and out of balance. This is about you showing up for yourself and working at an energetic and physical level.



Alchemical Journey With Ocean Energy

Too many people are giving away their power and not realizing that they are actually the one’s in control. You are a creator and I want to help harness your creator power by giving you simply, yet effective ways to support your innate healing abilities.

Day 1 ➝ Create Sacred Space with the Ocean
Day 2 ➝ Understanding tides and tuning into your body
Day 3 ➝ Attune to the crystalline waters of Aquamarine
Day 4 ➝ Activate Self-Love with the Sea Star
Day 5 ➝ Intuitive Connection with Seashells

activate your healing power


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Hi there, I’m Stacy. Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach and I love supporting others to empower themselves.

I understand how hard it can be to trust yourself, let alone trust your own innate healing abilities. What I share in this course, are the same practices that I use and my clients use, in our lives to feel grounded and connected within ourselves so we can create change in our life.

It truly is amazing how much things will shift and change just by working at an energetic level. I am excited to show you how!


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