Connecting With The Ocean


The beautiful thing about connecting with the energy of the ocean is that it is so easy to do.  And there are so many different ways you can do it. 

For those who aren't close to the ocean I want to offer an opportunity to tap into the energy. 

We are going to do this through the image below and a short 1 minute recording of ocean waves.

Allow yourself to get very comfortable.  Wearing headphones may be ideal as you will be able to simply tap into this energy and not be distracted by anything else.  The audio link is below the photo.

Notice your body.  Notice how you feel.  If you feel comfortable, close your eyes and allow yourself to move with the essence of the ocean waves. 

If you don't feel comfortable closing your eyes, simply gaze upon the picture of the ocean and allow yourself to feel the energy.

As you sit with the energy of the ocean, just notice what shows up for you.  There may be something and again, there may be nothing.  Don't worry if anything doesn't show up.  You are still connecting.  

Everyone is different and unique and so is how they connect in with this powerful energy source.  

Allow yourself to relax, close your eyes and tune into this energy.  When you are done, please journal your experiences.  Please feel free to come back and connect with this energy, any time you are called to.

 connecting with the ocean 

When you are done, allow yourself to sit with this energy and journal what came through to you. 

  • How did the ocean make you feel? 
  • Was there anything that showed up for you?  

If you feel lead to share, comment down below.  I would love to hear from you.  And if you feel this would benefit someones else, thank you so much for sharing it!