Holistic Living Inspired By The Ocean


I am excited to share with you Ocean Energy Wellness. A platform that will give you tips, tools, resources and inspiration to create a holistic lifestyle that is inspired by the ocean.

The ocean is a magnetic energy that share show much with us about how we can let go and go with the flow. The animals that live within the ocean give us an extended view of how to live fully in the present moment. Giving us ways to be true to who we really are.

In my past, I have spent many years working in the ocean and in the marine waters learning about, taking care of and training marine animals. I didn't realize it at the time but it lead me to really tapping into their energy and how they operate.

I also have about 13 years experience of working in the health and wellness field. Particularly with low glycemic eating and holistic living. This experience also includes crystals healing + working with essential oils to bring forth balance in all areas of our life: physical, mental, emotional + spiritual.

I am really excited to pull together all my resources and what I love to talk about (ocean energy, crystals + essential oils) and give you bite size information to create your own holistic lifestyle that helps you move forward NOW!

The topics we will focus on are: wellness, spirituality, self-care, crystals, essential oils and ocean energy.

If you are looking to release stress and overwhelm, get un-stuck, heal, have more energy, move your life in a new direction or just want to create a healthier life for yourself - this is the place for you.

I am glad you are here and I look forward to seeing how this all unfolds. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me and I will answer your questions in a blog post!

Here is to living a holistic life that you love!

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Stacy Stehle is a Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach.  She supports you with holistic healing and self-care practices that helps you feel grounded, connected and inspired to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Awaken your magic through the alchemy of nature.