How To Access The Ocean For Healing and Wisdom


Are you mesmerized by the ocean? Do you love being near or close to a body of water?

Ever since I was little, I lived in a landlocked state but was in love with the ocean and the marine life.

I guess it helped to have a mom who was a scuba diver and shared her adventures with me. The ocean calls a lot of people to it and for good reason.

Water represents cleansing, emotions and intuition. The ocean is a representation of life force, power and strength as well as the qualities of water.

When you tap into the energy of the ocean, it is full of healing power and wisdom. It allows you to open yourself up and be who you truly are.

You can learn how to ebb and flow as the ocean does. It does not hold on to emotions. It allows emotions to flow through its medium and be released.

Just how we as humans are to experience emotions. Allowing them to move through our bodies, feeling it. Not holding on to them or stuffing them down deep within our bodies. That is how dis-ease starts to manifest.

I have spend most of my adult like, learning, playing and working in the oceans and with ocean animals. I have learned so much from them. Especially the dolphins and sea lions as I worked with them on a daily basis, they showed their own unique personalities.


The ocean and the ocean guides (also known as the ocean animals) can help us learn more about ourselves. They can help us uncover things that maybe we don’t want to acknowledge, see or possibly have forgotten.

They really share simple ways to live life in a joyful, harmonious way that support the WHOLE of you!

Understanding the Ocean Energy

You see, each marine animal, plant or organism that lives in the ocean holds a unique energy. Just like crystals + essential oils (we will get to more of this at a later date).

The way they live and carry themselves can be like personal messages for us if we choose to see what they have to share.

For example – I created a self-love activation that connects us with sea star energy. Which is about regeneration and divine love.

The ocean and ocean guides can help us connect to a power greater than ourselves. This could be called God, Source, Spirit, Universe, etc.

  • This really helps us tap into the spiritual aspect of ourselves. Knowing that we are not alone. Always connected and supported on an energetic level.

  • This allowing ourselves the ability to empower our own well-being.

It doesn’t matter if you live by the ocean or not. You can always connect with the power of the ocean + our ocean guides, simply by setting your own intention to do so.

How To Access The Ocean for Healing & Wisdom:

  1. Take some time to think about an ocean or ocean guide (a particular animal). Allow one to come to your mind. Don’t think too hard. Which ever one pops into your mind first.

  2. Allow yourself to spend some time understanding more about this particular animal.

    • How does it move?

    • What does it do?

    • What kind of energy does it share with you?

  3. As you go about your day, take some time to connect with the energy of the ocean or your ocean guide.

    • Example: “Today I call the sea star energy in with me. I ask for clarity and connection to learn more about what you may have to share with me.”

  4. Take notes throughout the day:

    • How this ocean/ocean guide shows up?

    • What type of connections comes through simply by intending to connect?

Please note, there is no right or wrong answer. Each ocean guide shows up for us in our own unique way. Sometimes with specific information just for us.

This process of connection gets us out of our head and into our heart space. Tapping into a deeper connection with YOUR true self.

This information is important to YOU because you may need to let go. Play more. Take a little bit more care of YOU. It all leads back to you feeling whole.

Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear which ocean guide is showing up for you and support you even more!

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Stacy Stehle is a Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach.  She helps you create holistic healing and self-care practices that gets you out of your head and into your body, unlocking your inner wisdom to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Awaken your magic through the alchemy of nature.