How To Navigate Through Chaos

 how to navigate through chaos

Everything is changing. What we are experiencing on Earth is a complete uncovering of information that has or is holding us back from our own personal sovereignty.

Personal Sovereignty meaning your own personal power. That you are God, Free and Sovereign. Knowing that YOU are the light with-in you.

With that said, as you look around, I AM sure you can see chaos playing out at varying levels and varying degrees.

There has been and continues to be a lot of manipulation and control going on. What we are experiencing right now (what I AM perceiving) is an opportunity to see the un-winding of some pretty big manipulation and control systems. These things are breaking down. Truth is coming forward.

For some, they don’t want to the truth to come to the light. So they are doing everything in their power to create fear, taking you out of your personal power.

The levels of manipulation and control playing out on this Earth has (from my own research) been extreme and happening at so many levels, and for many, many years.

What I want to share is how to navigate through the chaos that seems to be a bi-product of the un-veiling of manipulation and control. Like I said, I see this playing out on so many levels. I have even noticed and seen the break down of relationships due to deceit.

The truth is prevailing. This is because what is not truthful is manipulation and taking away of our ability to be sovereign, if we let it.

What can happens because of Chaos?

 how to navigate through chaos

Chaos can make one feel off balance.

It can turn up emotional responses like anger, frustration and essentially make some feel defensive. This could be because one is tired of the manipulation. One could also be defensive because they are the one creating the manipulation and is being called out on.

Leave one feeling absolutely confused. Not knowing where to turn.

Explosive energy that ignites or fuels negative agenda. This is not for the highest good of anyone.

How can you navigate through chaos?

 navigating through chaos
  1. You need to get quiet - this is about going with-in yourself. This can often be the most difficult thing to do but it will allow you to find your center. Shutting out everything around you so you can get ready to go with-in..

  2. Anchor and feel into your body - Most of the time, emotions can create an experience that takes us out of our body. In order to move through the emotions, you need to feel them and know that at the present moment you are safe. This could be you sitting down, feeling into your feet, hands, back, seat. Slowly looking around and notice how you are breathing. Not changing anything but noticing.

  3. Honestly communicate how you are feeling - naming your feelings can help you understand why you maybe responding the way that you do. This is also very grounding, putting you in the present moment.

  4. Go into your heart center - breathe into your heart center. Put your hand on your heart and allow yourself to tap into the love energy that flows through there. Expand the energy into your body and auric field.

  5. Listen with-in you - this is when you can ask yourself, “What can you do to support myself at this time?”

    • Your heart center is your connection to all that you are.

    • Your body will tell you the truth.

    • Consider setting boundaries for yourself

    • Pull away from outside forces, relationships, experiences that make you not feel at your best

    • Give yourself exactly what you need. Lots of self-love and self-care.

Essentially, during chaos you want to go within and ask yourself what you need. How can you nourish and respect YOUR SELF!

What you are feeling grounded and centered in who you are, it creates a ripple effect for others to do the same. Know that you are not alone. Everyone is going through this process right now in the un-covering of mis-truths and manipulation.

Be gentle with yourself. Set boundaries and take care of YOU first! Find support. I offer emotional support and self-care practices through our Ocean Energy Wellness Community, consider joining us.

Ocean Blessings,