Ocean Guides Activate Inner Wisdom + Healing


The ocean is full of healing power and wisdom. It allows you to open yourself up and be who you truly are. You can learn how to ebb and flow as the ocean does. It does not hold on to emotions. It allows emotions to flow through it's medium and be released.⁣

The ocean and the ocean guides (also known as the ocean animals) can help us learn more about ourselves. They can help us uncover things about ourselves that maybe don't want to acknowledge, see or have forgotten.⁣

They really share simple ways to live life in a joyful, harmonious way that support the WHOLE of you!⁣

You see, each marine animal, plant or organism that lives in the ocean holds a unique energy. The way they live and carry themselves can be like personal messages for us if we choose to see what they have to share.⁣

For example: I created a self-love activation that connects us with sea star energy. Which is about regeneration and divine love.⁣

If you are interested, you can access this activation here: http://bit.ly/2wrpptr

The ocean and ocean guides can help us connect to a power greater than ourselves. This could be called God, Source, Spirit, Universe, etc.⁣

This really helps us tap into the spiritual aspect of ourselves. Knowing that we are not alone. Always connected and supported on an energetic level.⁣

This allowing ourselves the ability to empower our own well-being.⁣

It doesn’t matter if you live by the ocean or not. You can always connect with the power of the ocean + our ocean guides, simply by setting your own intention to do so.⁣

Take some time to think about an ocean guide (ocean animal). Which one comes to mind + why? Leave me a comment below.