Self-Care Through Creativity

 self-care through creativity

Weekly Crystalline Guidance:⁣

Creation energy this week feels high. As if you have finally tapped into a new stream of inspiration. This energy can feel absolutely amazing and refreshing. ⁣

Before completely moving forward, take time to tap into your inner knowing. Follow your gut feeling on this creativity and what it means for you.⁣

The energy of healing through self-care is what I am feeling coming through from the last card. This spark of creativity maybe something that is taking you out of your mental state and into your heart. Possibly to connect you back to your wholeness. ⁣

This week offers you an opportunity to quiet your mind and feel into your heart. Allowing this creative energy to RE-store and RE-balance YOU.⁣

Have a beautiful week!✨✨✨🔮⁣

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Here is a video if you would rather listen and sit in meditation:

If this resonates with you, please share. I appreciate the support!


 stacy stehle