The Importance of A Daily Practice


When I talk about a daily practice, I AM talking about taking about YOU time. Connecting in with you and your needs. When you are focused on your needs and giving back to yourself in this way, you create a deeper connection and are more in tuned to who you are and what you truly need.

A daily practice could look like:

Going within to hear what your heart has to say. Writing in your journal to release energy that is not of your highest good. Meditating to create a sense of spiritual connection. Using crystals to balance the energy within your body.

With a daily practice, you are able to:

  • Brings your focus back to YOU

  • Feel grounded

  • Feel Balanced

  • Identify what you need to move forward

  • Provide self-care

  • Nourish your body, mind + soul

  • Release negative and dense energies from your field

Here are some suggestions on how you can create a daily practice:

  • Identify why you want to create a daily practice

  • Determine when would be a good time for you to do this?

    The morning, when you first get up, it actually ideal, especially if your intentions are to connect in with your higher self and guides. This is because you are just coming out of sleep where you have been connected your higher aspects.

Evening may work for you if you want to go through your day, looking at synchronicities, releasing parts that don’t serve you. Possible doing a self-healing to balance out your energy fields.

There is no right or wrong. This is determined based off of YOU and your intentions.

  • Collect your resources:

    Oracle cards: use them to connect in with your higher self and the spiritual aspects. that want to come through for you. Pull a card to start your day and reflect on what that may mean to you.

    Crystals: use to tap into your energetic field or bring forth energies that you desire to work with. Meditate with or create self-healing by placing them on or around your body.

    Essential oils: create a calming environment. You can also use them specifically to connect in with your higher self. To tune your energy centers. To open your heart. To feel more grounded and in your body.

    Write in a journal: this is a great space to write down your experiences. Keep track of your practice why writing down which resources you use and how they supported you or maybe they didn’t at a particular time. This is a great way to understand more about yourself, know how you work with energy and intentions.

  • Create space for your daily practice: maybe at the table with all your resources. Maybe you set up a specific room to work in. Maybe you dedicate your time on the couch. Set up a space that feels comfy and connected for you.

  • Have fun! This process should be enjoyable. If it becomes something you dread. Let go of the practice or ask yourself what change maybe needed for you. Trust what comes through.

I would love to hear about your daily practice and what you do. Leave me a comment below!