As you may already know, if you are here on my site, how amazing nature is.   Nature connects, heals, loves and opens us up to our greatest potential.

That is absolutely why I love working with these trinity nature powers: the ocean, crystals and essential oils.  

I want to share with you the power of essential oils for holistic living.


If you are new to what holistic living means or you want a recap, check out this post: What Does Holistic Living Mean?

Essential oils are the essence of plants.  They give the plants their distinctive smells, play roles in pollination and they are also the plants natural defense protection.  

They have the ability to support the HUman body.  Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Can you see why they are a huge part of the work here at Ocean Energy Wellness?

In fact, essential oils have been used for thousands of years in health-care practices, food prep and even beauty treatments.  


What are essential oils, really?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds.  Small molecules that have the ability to change from a solid or liquid state to gas at room temperature.  They get the name volatile because they can change their state very quickly. 

The physical and chemical components of the essential oil can move very fast through the air and interact with our olfactory sensors (sense of smell) in our nose.   This is directly connected to the brain through our limbic system, which effects our emotions.

Does that make sense?  I love science.


How we respond to our emotions can have a negative or positive effect based off our environment, experiences or personality. 

This can greatly effect your life and how you live on a daily basis.  

Essential oils have long been used (dating back to ancient times) for their ability to manage mood by promoting uplifting + calming feelings due to the chemical composition.  As you learned, essential oils directly impact our emotional center in the brain.  

We can use essential oils to transform neural pathways of unhealthy experiences and emotions that keep us feeling stuck or challenged.  How we feel on a continuous basis is how we will live. 

Essential oils give us the power to take back control of our experiences.  Releasing, uplifting and supporting us to move past what may keep us stuck.

Not only do they support us on an emotional/mental level.  They support us on a physical + spiritual level.

Essentials oils are the essence of plants.  Mostly the defense system that keeps them healthy, vibrant and thriving in life. 

Animal cells are very similar to plant cells.  Essential oil molecular structure are very similar to that of animal cells enabling them to pass through cell walls, penetrating the blood brain barrier and effectively traveling through the blood and tissues very effectively.  Giving the essential oils the ability to support us at a physical, cellular level. 

Did you know that if you put an essential oil on topically, being absorbed through the skin, the largest organ on your body, and then the molecules get distributed through the whole body within minutes.  

You are also breathing in the essential oil as you put in on topically on your body, thus working with your emotional system at the same time.

Each essential oil is unique, kind of like crystals, working with specific properties + energetics within the body to support it in exactly what it needs.  Working at an energetic, spiritual level. 

Can you see how amazing this is for holistic living?  Essential oils can support the whole of you and your life.

I would love to hear if you are new to learning about essential oils or if they are already apart of your lifestyle.  Leave me a comment below.  If you feel this article is helpful to someone else, thank you so much for sharing!

Luminous Blessings,


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