Top 5 Reasons To Connect With Ocean Energy


Have you ever found yourself in awe of the ocean? What are your favorite ocean animals? If possible, do you find yourself going to the beach as often as you can? ⁣

I grew up in the land locked state of Colorado, I always found myself attracted to the ocean and specifically dolphins. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school when I was able to visit the ocean. We took a family trip to Bonaire. ⁣

I remember the first time I went in. I put my mask and snorkel on and just put my head in the water. I began to breathe really fast because I was a bit freaked out. I didn’t realize at this time but I think I could have reacted to past life memories of the ocean. More of that later. ⁣

I realized that I needed to relax in the ocean. I allowed my breathing to slow and I began to float. I was instantly mesmerized by everything below the surface of the ocean. ⁣

In Bonaire, the house we rented had a backyard that lead right to the water. Oh the memories. It was such a wonderful time. The colors were unbelievable. So bright and brilliant. The fish and coral were so amazing. I found myself always wanting to be in the ocean. Playing, swimming, snorkeling. I never wanted to get out.

I am really excited to pull together all my resources and what I love to talk about (ocean energy, crystals + essential oils) and give you bite size information to create your own holistic lifestyle that helps you move


Top Five Reason To Connect With The Ocean Energy

  1. The ocean is full of healing power and wisdom.  It allows you to open yourself up and be who you truly are.

  2. The ocean is only about 20% discovered.  This can mirror the image of you as we ask the question, “What is there deep down inside of you that’s yearning to come to the surface and be discovered?”  It’s through your own power that you can uncover who you truly are.

  3. Every marine animal that lives in the ocean holds special messages and energy that you are able to see in yourself.  For example – the dolphins share with us how to play, have fun and love.

  4. The ocean helps you to connect to a power greater than yourself.  This could be called God, Source, Spirit, Universe, etc.

  5. Through the energy of the ocean you can find community and support to empower your health + well-being.

It doesn’t matter if you live by the ocean or not.  If you have this connection to it, you can connect with it.  

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Stacy Stehle is a Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach.  She helps you create holistic healing and self-care practices that gets you out of your head and into your body, unlocking your inner wisdom to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Awaken your magic through the alchemy of nature.