Tuning Into Your Heart

 tuning into your heart

November is here and it is a powerful month, energetically.

Today is a 11.1.11 day and there are many more 11.1 days this month as well.

11 is a master number representing new beginnings, inspiration, independence, illumination and soul potential.

For those of you who may not know, at the beginning of each year, I pull 12 oracle cards from my Crystal Ally Oracle Deck.

Each card represents the energetic theme of the month. Each month I like to share them by explore the energy, the crystal and other tools to support us.

Every month, I am blown away by how accurate they are.

This month the energetic theme is Higher Self. Which totally fits in with the energy of November and the numbers 11 and 1. A few weeks ago I was intuitively guided that our November topic will be about tuning into our hearts.

If you not sure how significant the heart is, it is the connection point to your Soul, Higher Self.

That is how I like to weave the magic and energy into uncovering the energy of the month and how we can best support ourselves.

→ What you can do these next few days is to tap into the energy and the card, "Higher Self" and see what this means for you. 
→ Is there anything that the card, words, images are sharing with you. 
→ Is there anything the words November, the numbers 11 and/or 1 mean to you? 
→ What about our topic of the month, tuning into your heart? Does that bring anything forward for you?

You may receive some intuitive nudges, information, connection with others that brings forth something to really ponder and possible make changes for.

Starting your month really tuning into the energy for YOU and what that means will greatly support you moving forward.

I AM very big about YOU guiding your own path. Others can help and often we are guided to work with others, but that comes from you fully knowing that you are ready to do that.

I would love to hear what is coming forth for you this energetic month. Join us in our Ocean Energy Wellness Community to share and receive additional support this month.


 stacy stehle