What Does Holistic Living Mean?

 what does holistic living mean?

I wanted to give you a little insight on how we use Holistic Living here at Ocean Energy Wellness.  

Holistic.  You pronounce the word as WHOLE-istic.  It means just like it is pronounced. Encompassing the whole. 


What does holistic living mean?

Holistic Living is looking at all the aspects that make up you as a HUman being.  These aspects are: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  They represents the whole of who you are.  Working with each aspect to support you in this physical journey.

To create a holistic lifestyle, we dive into these four areas and noticing where you may need a little bit more attention. 

Creating a plan or area of focus to give those aspects what they need.  Learning to balance the whole of you.  This helps you to feel connected, supported, energized and in your flow.  

Holistic Living always means becoming more aware of how food, environment, relationships and everything in our every day lives fully impacts our bodies, mind, spirit and emotions.

I know it might be crazy to realized but not everything that is created on this planet is for the highest good of all.  Some food can be packed with preservatives and toxins.  Some environmental sprays and household cleaners can be packed with pesticides and other toxic chemicals.  This greatly effects your body and your environment.  

Holistic living is also about being aware of how everything interacts as it relates to you and how you live.  Finding what works for you and supporting all aspects of yourself.  


Here is a post I did a while back: 4 Aspects To Holistic Living.  Use this information to support you in create more balance and flow to support your holistic lifestyle.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  If you feel this information is useful for someone else, thank you for sharing it!! 

Ocean Blessings,

 stacy stehle

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