Why It Is Important To Tune Into Your Heart

 why it is important to tune into your heart

Take a few minutes everyday to feel within your heart space. Radiate that light with-in yourself.

This light of you will transform any negative/uncertain energy. It will pull you back into you and who you are.

It will feel loving, golden, radiating and nurturing. Full of love and connection.

Allow your cells to feel that energy. This is YOU. Giving you the love and support you need.

When the world feels dark. When you feel off balance and unsure of where to go next, feel into your heart space.

Expand that loving energy and allow your body to attune to YOU.

In this space - you can take your next step. Find RE-assurance and know that your light is needed in the dark to guide your path.

This month in our Ocean Energy Wellness Community we are tuning into your heart, join us and explore more ways this month to tap into your Higher Self.

Ocean Blessings,

 Stacy Stehle