Essential light Collective is a group of souls who love essential oils + choose to use them to empower their health & their life. 


We are powered by dōTERRA Essential Oils to find natural and healthy solutions for our health + well-being.

We understand that transformation starts from within.  The more we connect and live from our light, the more self-mastery we claim.  Through this self-mastery process, one is able to spark an energetic change within their environment and experiences.

Essential Light Collective understand that everyone is a unique light in this world that supports the whole.

We desire to step into our roles of expanding ourselves and our lives into something much bigger than we can imagine.

We are a connection of women, men, mothers, fathers, entrepreneurs, healers, change makers, psychics, intuitives, herbalists, natural paths, mystics and so much more.

Together we create a community that supports each other and empowers each other to step into their light and shine that light into the world.


Why come together with Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are natural aromatic compounds extracted & distilled from seeds, flowers, bark, rind and leaves of plants.

These oils have amazing therapeutic health benefits and have been used by many people & cultures for thousands of years.

There are many uses for essential oils to bring your body, mind & spirit back into a healthy, balanced state.

We highly recommend using them aromatically to improve and support your emotions.

Essential oils are not the only resource we recommend, for ourselves or through our holistic practices.  They do provide us with a vehicle  by which we can all come together.


Why dōTERRA 

dóTERRA provides a vehicle to pull us together in a space of community, connection, create goals around health + wellness, provides an additional income stream, supports manifestion of dreams and taking your vision to a new level.



There is no added junk in these essential oil bottles.  They are free from pesticides, fillers and fragrance.  Pure essential oil that has been rigorous 3rd party testing to make sure they are certified pure, therapeutic grade.  

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Partnering with farmers + distillers native to these areas where the plants thrive enables you to have a high, quality essential oil is very important.  This creates partnership, connection + communities all over the world.  People thrive doing what they love, mastering their craft and they are able to bring forth such a potent, quality product. 



These essential oils that are sourced in their indigenous countries providing the highest quality oil.  The plants are able to thrive because they receive exactly what they need, their climate is optimal and they are able to be harvested at peak times.  The essential oils I use and recommend are 50-70x's more potent than dried herbs.  

3 Ways Essential Light Collective Can Support You:

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Activate Your Inner Healer.  Having the ability to work through your challenges is empowering.  You will be fully supported through the knowledge of essential oils as well as crystals, ocean energy guides.  This is information you can use in your every day life.  Simply use essential oils for your own journey.




Being resourceful + energetic.  Taking the changes from within and sharing your experience of Luminaries Tribe with others. You will have the ability to develop your own gifts and utilize our energy tools + courses to support your forward movement in your life.



Push past your barriers and grow. Step into a new way to create freedom in your life, through residual income. Developing your own community and connections with others through what we share in Luminaries Tribe. Create and even expand on your own entrepreneurial ideas.

What's included in our Essential Light Collective:

 essential light collective community

HOw to join Essential Light Collective, our dōTERRA Team


Enroll with a Specific essential oil kit - receive additional bonuses

 aromatouch essential oil kit
 emotional aromatheraphy kit
 home essentials kit
 natural solutions kit

Email me at when you are registered and I will add you to our Essential Light Collective! If your enrollment kits qualifies for the 20% off, it will be taken off at the checkout!

If you have any questions, ask us here: Contact Us.


Follow these steps!

If you are not interested in an enrollment kit, you can order a few oils to get started AND still be a part of our Essential Light Collective. It’s $35 USD for a dōTERRA Membership but this fee is waived if you enroll with an essential oil kit!

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STEP 1: Set up your dóTERRA Account


  • Read over this page to determine your desired account type: must choose wholesale customer or wellness advocate.

  • Choose your desired account and fill out the registration form.

  • You should see this picture at the bottom of the form, that tells dóTERRA that you are registering with Stacy Stehle and will be a part of our Luminaries Tribe Tribe

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STEP 2: Order Your Products

  • Next, select your enrollment kit.

  • Scroll down to the desired enrollment kit, the enrollment fee is waived.

  • Add the additional products, if you so desire.

  • To create a custom order scroll down to the very bottom and select the dóTERRA Wholesale Membership Fee.

  • Add the products you desire.

  • It is OK to just start with a few and you can still join us in our Luminaries Tribe + receive all the benefits!

  • Checkout

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STEP 3: Welcome To Essential Light Collective

  • Shortly after you will receive a welcome email from me on how to access all the benefits to our Essential Light Collective.

  • If you don’t receive an email within a few hours, please email Stacy at: