Inner Light Readings offers clarity, support and authentic guidance to support you on your journey.

I offer a variety of different readings to support you in self-care, moving past obstacles and gaining a deeper knowledge of the energy that is playing out and how you can support yourself in your highest good. These messages come through from your Highest Self and beyond.

They come to you in way of written messages with the image of your card. Why is this? Because the images and intuitive guidance that comes through your reading is something for you to look at and refer back to. These readings are light encoded for additional healing and activations.

Powerful words, images and energy healing is put into this offering, just for you. I also like to give additional support tools (recommended crystals, essential oils and even ocean guides) that you can use along your journey.

You can choose between the following readings that I offer:

Path, Obstacles + Solutions Reading: Understand where you are on your path, what may be creating obstacles for you and how to move through them. 3 Cards - $33

Body, Heart, Mind + Spirit Reading: The gift of self-care. 4 Cards - $44

Chakra Energy Reading: Understand what is going on with your energy centers and how you can bring balance and alignment to them. 7 Cards - $77

Cosmic Cross Reading: Detailed guidance and deeper clarity. 11 Cards - $111

Stacy is a pure and sincere channel of insight. She pulls stone ally cards, then intuits much more specific detail that considerably enhances and personalizes the card interpretations. She then adds recommendations from her knowledge, experience and understanding. I’ve had a few readings from Stacy over the years and every time am delighted yet again how excellent and helpful they are. They provide material for both reflection and action, so I can continue to work with them for quite some time after I’ve received the reading. After the most recent reading, I’ve felt lighter and clearer as well. Thank you, Stacy, for putting your gifts, knowledge and insight at the service of the world.
— Rosemary


  • A detailed and beautiful illustrated ebook of your reading, with journal prompts and healing energies.

  • Recommendations of energy healing tools that will further support and activate you and this journey.


Inner Light Readings
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