Are You Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Life?


Have you ever took an inner look at what you were feeling, what was happening around you and how you react to it?  

For instance, when mercury retrograde comes along, do you find that your whole world gets turned upside down?  

What about your every day life? Are you sitting back, waiting for a sign or something to tell you what to do?  

Many times, when people step into their spiritual journey, they love the idea of guides, angels, their higher selves working with them and unfortunately, they give all their power over to them or to external resources to guide them in this life.  

What I have learned so far in this lifetime is that you are not here to live for them.  You came here to live for yourself.  To follow your heart's desires and go after what you truly desire to create. 

Are you doing that?  Are you taking personal responsibility for your life?

I wasn't for a long time.  I always felt like I was waiting for something.  External factors dictated my life, how I felt and what I did.  I boxed myself in and shut off my dreams and desires because I didn't think it was OK to have them.  I let my emotions take over my day and even weeks.  

Until one day, I woke up and realized that I AM in charge. {This is a REminder I share with myself every day!} 


I AM ready to step up and create my life in a way that feels amazing, happy, joyful and connected.  

I set goals!  Yes, goals.  Something that I let go of on my spiritual journey because somewhere I had the belief that they are not spiritual and not part of this journey we are here to do.  Every day I do something to move towards those goals.  

I also realized that if I don't show up for myself, and do what I desire to do from within my heart, no one will.  What kind of example is that for my kids?    

It takes courage and commitment to show up for yourself.  To do what you really want to do and move past all your fears.  

What kind of life are you living for yourself now?  Are you showing up for yourself everyday to create what you want?  Or are you letting life dictate how you feel and what you do?  Leave me a comment below.

It is totally up to you.  But what I truly believe in my heart is that you are here to CREATE.  You are fully supported.  It takes a desire from within to be you and go after your life that you want.  I believe in YOU!