Clear Channel Crystalline Activation

You are a clear channel for your light. Which lives within you. Always has and always will.

This weeks feels very much about allowing yourself to be a clear channel. Using your light to open and expand your chakras, unlock the magical realms you hold within you. Feeling into your multi-dimensionality and using that energy to propel you forward.

July's energetic theme is about beginnings. You can read more about it in my latest blog post:

The crystalline grid activation is supporting you with this energetic theme. Allowing yourself to open and activate your magic within each chakra center. Creating yourself as a pillar of light, your light. Supporting you in gaining confidence and believing in yourself. Feeling grounded yet expansive in your light.

Perceptions limit. Expansion allows you the ability to tap into your own magic and create from within that space.

Tap into the energy of this crystalline activation to support yourself in clearing and expanding your energy centers.

Sit with each chakra, feel the energy of your light entering it. Clearing, healing and expanding. Feel into the energy and power you bring forth. Expand that energy into your aura and into your column of light.

Work with this practice this week or simply connecting with the crystalline grid, intending for this activation to work within your chakra column. The energies will guide the way. 
You have the power to create your reality from the inside out.

 clear channel crystalline activation

Here is the video version if you would like to sit in meditation and receive:


Luminous Blessings,

 stacy stehle


Healing physical body symptoms yet pulling in energetic support for the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself too.


Grounding and anchoring your light in HUman form.  Enjoying your physical reality.