Creating Your Sacred Space

Sacred Space is a space or area, in your home or outside, that is dedicated for ritual and specific intention.  This space is one to connect with your spirituality and magick. 

It is kind of like plugging yourself into your own light.  Your light is always with you but having a space that is created of all things that you love and resonates with your light will allow you to RE-connect & RE-member it is always there.

A sacred space can support you in BEing HUman yet allowing your light to shine through.  Nourishing your Soul along with your mind and body too.

 creating your sacred space

Creating Your Sacred Space

Choose a place in your home our maybe you have some space outside that is protected from the weather that you can set up your sacred space.  A space where you don't have to pick up and RE-created every time. 

You want to fill this space with items that resonate with you.  Colors that speak to you.  You could put up pictures, symbols, images, whatever resonates.  Flowers.  Create an alter if you like.  I love diffusing essential oils in my sacred space.  Crystals and candles are great too.

Add pillows, blankets and even rugs.  Furniture that supports you for what you desire to do in your sacred space.

It can be filled with anything that lights you up and helps you feel grounded in this reality yet connected to your light from within. 

How to use your sacred space

I have a couple sacred space areas in my house.  Filled with crystals, essential oils and images.  I use my sacred space for journaling.  Creating crystal grids to hold intentions and healing.  I also like to pull oracle cards and do my energy readings from this space.  

It feels amazing.  It helps me anchor this energy into by being so when I AM away from it, I can go to it in my minds eye and receive exactly what I need.


I would love to hear about your sacred space.  Describe it down below!

Luminous Blessings,



Take care of your physical body while allowing yourself to listen to what your soul needs.


Shift the energy & support your intentions with a crystal grid + distant healing.