Crystals To Support Evolving Into Your Light

One of the biggest things that I have to let go, is believing we need to wake everyone up on this planet.

Through my own experience and trying on the idea that we are all ascending, I have come to realize that this is an inside job and Earth allows for free will.  Not everyone is here to see their light or embody it.  Everyone gets a choice. 

So, with our energetic theme of evolution, I encourage you to look at it from your individual perspective. 

How can or are you evolving? 

Do you truly desire to step into more of your greatness?

BEing your light is individual.  However, it does shape the energy field of awareness around you, how people connect and operate when with you and expands that into the Universe.  

I truly believe by standing more in your light, living from your heart space, truly embracing the ability that you are whole and complete, you are evolving and showing others how to do it, just by being YOU.  

 crystal that support evolving into your light

Crystals that can support you in evolving more into your light:

  Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Hederite is the stone on the crystal ally card that I pulled for the month of April. 

This crystal supports the activation of the dormant areas of the brain.  Opening up to more of your soul abilities.  

Our brains are very important part of BEing here on Earth. It is a part of our HUmanness that also connects us to our Soul.  

This stone can also help us create a connection with our physical bodies, opening us up to the creator abilities that we have.  Truly allowing us to evolve our mind, body + spirit.


  • Allow the frequency of this crystal into your field during meditation
  • If you don't have the crystals, simply find a picture of Herderite that resonates with you (such as the one above) and allow your self to tap into the energy of this crystal.  Notice what thoughts, feelings, knowings, etc come to you.
  • Follow your own intuition.  Ask the crystal or your self, what is the best way to work with Herderite.  Trust in the answer.  YOU know more than you give yourself credit for.



Calcite is a great stone to work with the energy of transformation.  The different colors of calcite can assist with allowing your creativity and Soul to flourish.   

It can also support one in expanding their mind by RE-programming old thought patterns and attitudes.  It can also help slow down the mental chatter so you can tap more into your own light from within.  


  • Sit with calcite during meditation.  I encourage setting a clear intention to support your desire, such as slowing your mind chatter, opening up to more creativity, etc.
  • Keep the stone with you in your pocket or close by.  I like to keep my near my computer when I AM wanting to create or work on projects.
  • Use for self healing.  Place the real crystal or ethereal crystal on your chakra points.  I like to put golden calcite on my solar plexus and green calcite on my 3rd eye. 
  • Follow your own intuition.  Ask, "What is the best way for you to work with calcite to evolve into your more of your light?"  Listen and trust yourself.



This beautiful stone can help support the emotional and physical body with evolution. 

As HUmans we tend to hold onto too many things, which can affect our emotions and then can ripple to our physical body.

Taking care of your physical body is absolutely important because it is the only body vehicle you have while here.  

Malachite is also known as a transformation stone, helping us to see where we need to make changes to help us grow more within our light.


  • I love doing self-healing work with this crystals by laying it on the body.  Follow your intuition on the best place to place it, but I AM feeling the root chakra would benefit greatly form this stone.
  • Meditate with it
  • Connect with the image above and notice the impressions, feelings or knowings that come from just tapping into the energy of this crystal.


If you are new to working with crystals, I think you would like to tap into this different articles to help you understand just how to do it: 


Leave me a comment below! Which crystals are you working with during the theme of evolution? 


    Create change by anchoring light codes and energetic frequencies into your intentions.  


    Grounding and anchoring your light in HUman form.  Enjoying your physical reality.