Empowerment. Strength. Potential

Full Moon Crystalline Reading: 


Those deep desires are within you. You crave living and BEing in a new way but the old patterns, beliefs and this reality is making it ever so difficult. 

No one said it would be easy. BEing your magic in a world where all of who you are is forgotten. 

It takes strength, courage and empowerment from within to follow your heart and expand your light to live within that frequency bandwidth on a daily basis.

There are always choices. There are always opportunities to turn things into the direction you desire to go. 

  • Create the pathways for you to make the changes you need.
  • Choose to create something different.
  • Cleanse yourself, your energy.
  • Stop attaching yourself to others and how they feel.
  • Journal your feelings and uncover if what is going on is yours or someone else's energy playing out.

REmember - YOU have the power from within to create change. It requires understanding this reality and that this reality does not show you who you are. 

That love, approval and recognition comes from within you. YOU are all YOU need to follow your light and use it to bring forth the change you desire!