Our Everyday Approach To Unschooling

One of the best things about the lifestyle we live in our family is that our kids do not go to school.  We homeschool, but more importantly we take an unschooling approach.   

What does that mean?  We allow our kids to explore and learn based off their own interests.  We do not set up school at home with a set curriculum.   

Everything our kids are into they get to fully explore and really dive into.  Through this type of experience, we have found our kids love what they do everyday and they are learning how to really live life.  

Everyday may look different as they kids are into many different things.  


For instance, my son is really into video games and wanting to create his own youtube channel to share his gaming experience.  Not only is he really great at playing but he is learning how to use a computer but how to set up his recordings, edit them and publish them on the youtube. 

I know my brain has had a hard time justifying what is he learning if he is not in school but this year I am finally seeing the bigger picture.  We took my son out of school about 2 years ago, you can read about that decision here,  Why We Choose To Unschool

For those who are trying to compute how he is actually learning, let me help.  In his video games, there is math, strategy, decision making, reading, writing, hand-eye coordination and communication with other kids because sometimes he play with friends through his headset. I AM sure there is a lot more there too.  

What I love about unschooling is kids learn doing the things they absolutely love to do.  It if fun, they explore and enjoy life. 

I truly believe this sets them up to love life and live it in a way that they find passion from. 


My daughter, who is 5, has been so much fun to see learn on her own.  She is very much into letters, art, colors, Barbie's, pretend play and dancing.    She gets very creative in her play.  She has ebbs and flows with reading.  She loves to be read to.  

What I love about this approach to learning is that I know when she is ready to read, she will pick it up. 

I have been able to let go of the worrying that she is not doing what other 5 years old do in school.  Because she is not in school and she is exactly where she needs to be.  

One of the greatest things I witnessed this week was my kids starting gymnastics.  It has been something that they wanted to do for a really long time and we finally had the opportunity to get them signed up for classes and they LOVE it!  

I have never seen them more passionate and excited about doing something before, especially my son.  He has found a place for him to gain even more self-confidence and build up his strength and inner core.  


Every day is different.  We have goals and ideas of what we would like to do and we truly go with the flow.  

We also have set activities on the calendar that are outside of the house, sport events, dance + gymnastic practice, library, grocery shopping, museum visits and play dates.  

If there is something happening around town, especially related to what the kids are into, we try to do it.  It just helps them see different aspects of what they are doing and keep them excited about life. 

Some days we stay home, in our pajamas and watch movies.  

The best thing about how we approach each day is our freedom to choose to live life in way that is fun and the ability to be so close to my kids and watch them grow into their light.