Evolve with DDR Prime

As we are working with the energetic theme of Evolution, I want to share with you an essential oil recommendation that I feel will support you with this energy.

 evolve with ddr prime essential oil

DDR Prime Essential Oil Cellular Complex

Just like in evolution where there is a cycle of birth and death, our cells go through the same process and at a much faster rate with age, lack of nutrition, environmental factors, lifestyle choices, stress and even toxins.

dóTERRA's essential oil proprietary blend DDR Prime, allows you to support healthy cellular integrity - cells health, function and renewal.*   

Cellular health is the foundation of health.

At a physical level it will support the health of the cell.* 

At an emotional level, this essential oil is known as The Oil of Transformation (from the Emotions + Essential Oils book)

This book calls it a DNA Repairing Blend because it helps one to reclaim their own life force and understand that changing is possible.  This essential oil can also support one is releasing the old so one can step into the new.  

How to use this essential oil

  • Add one to two drops to citrus drinks, tea, or water and consume daily to protect the body and cells from oxidative stress*
  • Add a drop of this essential oils with fractionated coconut oil for a soothing massage. 
  • Add it in a roller bottle with some frankincense and diluted with fractionated coconut oil; roll in on the spine.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.