Evolving More Into Your Light

Every month I pull a crystal ally card to uncover the energetic theme and gives us a base to see where we are and how we can create more self-care within this theme to support ourselves to feel and be more of who we truly are.

The month of April we are working with the energetic theme of Evolution.  

  From Crystal Ally Card Deck.  

From Crystal Ally Card Deck.  

Questions to ponder

How are you evolving? Are you expanding into more of your light or do you find yourself hiding from it?

This is a storm element ally which means it is very transformational. This month may bring huge transformations for you, your work, your life or the way you view the world and/or live. 

To support us through this monthly energetic theme, the card offers the crystal Herderite and want to offer other crystals to support you. Click here to access Crystals To Support Evolving Into Your Light.

The essential oil recommendation is a DNA repairing blend, DDR Prime Cellular complex. Click here: Evolve with DDR Prime.

I will post more on holistic tools we can use throughout the month in another blog post but I would love for you to sit with and engage with the card and the energy that is coming forth for us to work with this month.


I suggest getting a journal just for the monthly themes to help you explore and expand on the information we share each month.

What does the card say to you?
What does the word "evolution" mean to you?
What does "storm" mean to you?
How can you see this theme and energy playing out in your life right now?
What do you feel could support you to evolve into more of your light?

If you feel guided to share, post some of your responses below! If you have questions, ask.

This process allows for you to really tap into your own intuitive and healing abilities. You are going to be able to uncover what may best support you this month, as each person is unique and individualized! 

I look forward to hearing from you!


**Please note that this material can be accessed and worked with at any time.  If you are reading this in a different month, that is perfectly OK.  This material is meant for you at the particular time you are interacting with it.   


Create change by anchoring light codes and energetic frequencies into your intentions.


Grounding and anchoring your light in HUman form.  Enjoying your physical reality.