Four Aspects To Holistic Living


Living Holistically is not just about the food you eat.  It is about a whole living approach to YOU.  You are more than just a body.  You are a soul, an energetic being who lives in a physical body.  You are also someone who is very much affected by the energy of everything around you.  

So when I talk about holistic living, I am actually talking about understanding and balancing these four aspects of yourself:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

When you can begin to understand these aspects and how they are currently relating to you, you can begin to understand how to get yourself back to a place of feeling healthy, confident, energized and balanced.  

Let's explore these 4 aspects of yourself a bit more as they relate to holistic living.




This is your physical body.

How are you taking care of your physical body?

What does your nutrition look like? Are you eating foods that fuel you? Are you hydrating self?  Do you add movement in your daily plan? Are you getting enough sleep or rest? Are you listening to what your body is telling you?

Your physical vessel is all that you have in this lifetime.  It essentially needs  to be a priority to take care of + give it what it needs to run at optimal levels.

Dis-ease is very important and shows up in your physical body as a huge sign that something needs to change.  Usually the dis-ease is related to one of the other aspects of self; example emotions, lack of spiritual connection, a belief system that doesn't serve your highest





The mental aspect of self is your mind.

What you think, your belief systems, how you function from that perspective.  This is one of the most challenging aspects.  It can propel you into greatness or it can hold you in the darkest of places.

Be mindful of what you are telling yourself on a day to day basis.  Awareness is the first step to shifting your mindset.  Your mind is a projection of your vibration and it creates and connects with energies of the same frequency.  Saying things or believing things that are not holding you in a space you desire to be, will only keep you stuck.

Learning to cultivate and shift your mindset to one of abundance, not necessary meaning money but abundance in all life and gratitude, you will begin to shift that energy vibration and create the flow that you desire to live from.





Emotions are our ability to experience life.  It is our feeling level.   Emotions are meant to be expressed and felt and are not mean to be pushed down into our physical vessel and not looked at.

This is a huge topic because for so long, we were taught to not expressed how we feel.  Many people were also told that you can't feel a certain way.  Our emotions have been so manipulated in past years and even lifetimes that this aspect of our self may need a lot of attention.

Expressing how you feel is so important.  It is OK to feel angry and upset.  It is how you deal with your emotions that takes real mastery.  Understanding why things make you feel this way is an opening up to who you are and where you may need additional healing and support.

You are not meant to suppress your feeling or emotions and always be "happy!"  Take time to really look at how you feel.  

Are you expressing your emotions or suppressing them?  What are they really sharing with you?  You may have some deep internal healing and forgiveness work that will help you work with your emotional self to bring it back into balance.





This is your soul self.  The energetic essence of who you truly are.

This is one aspect that many people don't include when it comes to feeling healthy and whole. How are you connecting with your intuitive self and the Universe?

Do you trust in a connection of all around you?  Do you see that everything in life flow in a synchronistic manner?  Do you connect with your soul and guidance team on a regular basis, through meditation, automatic writing, oracle reading, etc.

This aspect takes trust of self and opening up to a world that may be unseen to many but felt, heard or just have an inner knowing.  You are never alone.  You are a divine spark of Source and you work in flow of this connection with the Universe.



Begin to look at these four aspects and see where you may be lacking or holding yourself back.  Start to dive deeper into them and ask how you can bring them back into balance for yourself.  When you do, you will see your well being and life take on a whole new experience.

If you feel this article is of benefit, I truly appreciate the share! 🌟