How Do You Know Which Essential Oil To Use?


I know, it can be so overwhelming when it comes to essential oils.  There are so many different little bottles. 

Some bottles hold single essential oils while other bottles are essential oil blends, which are simply multiple essential oils together.

How do you know which essential oil to use? 

There are multiple ways to choose which oils to use. 

1.  Look up particular ailments or health concerns and see which essential oil would work best for it.  Particularly look for oils that you have and use them.  

These are my favorite books to use for them: Modern Essentials Usage Guide & The Essential Life

2.  Choose intuitively, this is my favorite way.

a.  I will do this by asking myself, "What do I need right now?"

Guess what?  Your body knows! The hard part for us is TRUSTING ourselves.  Choose the essential oil that resonates with you in the moment.  

b.  Another way you can intuitively choose your oil is to think about what you may need, such as to boost immune support or to feel more confident or grounded.

Then run your hands over every oil you have or look at every oil you have and notice which one catches your attention!  That is the essential oil you should use!  

It really is that easy.  You can truly never go wrong when choosing an essential oil.  


I would love to hear which way works best for you.  Leave me a comment below!  


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