Crystal Care: How To Clear A Crystal


Clearing a crystal is an important practice because it allows the crystal to work at it's highest vibrational state.

Crystals are emitting or sending out pure, high energy frequencies based on their perfected geometric structure.  Because of this state of BEing, it can easily hold this base resonance frequency.

Working with crystals can cause them to shift their energy, especially when the energy outside of them is stronger their their base resonance frequency. Such as an emotional clearing. It can cause the crystal's energy to not vibration at it's natural state.

That is why clearing a crystal is so important.  It allows the crystal to return to it's natural base resonance frequency.

Think about you when you get drained or depleted. You need to clear yourself and re-tune to your natural state of BEing. When you do that, you feel energized, healthy and balanced. You are capable of working at your highest state. Crystals need that care too.


How to Clear A Crystal

Essentially, what this means is how can you bring your crystal back to its base resonance frequency, or highest vibrational state.

The best way is to listen to your intuition and to your crystal. That is right, I AM all about helping you develop a deep connection and work in unison with these magical energy tools.




This is my #1 favorite way to clear them. I use my chimes. I allow the sound of the chimes to vibrate over and around my crystal until I intuitively know that it is cleared. I also state my intention before using sound to clear this crystal and bring it back to it's highest state.



As always, hold your intention to clear your crystal and return it to it's highest vibration. Then put the crystal through the smoke. Feel into the vibration and use your intuition to know when the crystal is clear. Smudging is a practice that has been long used by the Ancient, Ancestral and Natives to clear energies.



I highly recommend running water. However, you need to research your crystal because some of them are water soluble, such as Selenite. In that case, I would avoid water. Quartz crystals are great to clear in running water. Again, hold the intention to clear this crystal to it's highest state.




The sun is sharing with us so much energy and light codes to awaken and bring ourselves back into a higher state of BEing that I can't help but feel the SUN would be a great way to clear your crystals.  Be cautious with the sun because certain crystal colors can fade like rose quartz and amethyst.





You can download our free guide sheet to take with you and keep close by.


How are you clearing crystals and what is your favorite method? Please leave me a comment below!