How To Feel Grounded Everyday

Grounding allows you to be fully present, aware and conscious in your physical body so that we can actually experience life, here on Earth.

You, as a soul are here in a physical body.  You didn't come to Earth with the intention of trying to escape to another place, maybe non-physical.  

You came here to understand that your are truly amazing to have brought your soul in this vessel of a body to CREATE on Earth. To experience your mastery in this form. That requires you to show up and be present.

Grounding is very much about connecting with Earth. Understand that you resonate with this frequency and are linked here.

You can use the resources of Earth to nourish and fill yourself up. And also release excess energies within our bodies, back to Earth.  

Being grounded, means gaining a deeper understanding that you are physical and spiritual.

GROUND (2).png

There are many tools you can use to feel grounded.  

My favorite is using the crystal Smokey Quartz.  

Smokey Quartz is a crystal that will allow you to feel into the energy of being grounded.  It is made deep within Earth where it has been exposed to a natural source of radiation. That is why the stones carries a smokey brown color. This frequency allows one to connect and attune to the Earth's vibration.

This stone works with us through the Earth Star Chakra which is about 6" below your feet. This is known as a higher chakra which allows us to create a deeper connection to our Soul, Higher Self, I AM presence.

And it also works with us through our Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine.  This chakra resonates with survival, physical security + needs.  

You can use Smokey Quartz to help open and balance these two chakras and feel grounded and connected in your physical body.


Essential Oils can also offer support to feeling grounded.


Grounding oils are usually associated with trees because they are always present in the now moment and deeply rooted + grounded within Earth.

These 3 oils are my favorite to use as a grounding tool or to help me get very present, feel inner strength + stability.

Grounding Blend (Balance): This is a blended oil. Invokes feelings of tranquility + balance. Promotes a whole body sense of relaxation. This is known as the oil of grounding. It allows on to reconnect with their roots. Great for those who seek to escape from life through disconnection + disassociation. It will help one to stay focused on their goal until it is actualized into the physical reality.

FRANKINCENSE: The oil used + documented in ancient times. It has soothing properties. Known for extensive health benefits. Promotes relaxation + balanced mood. Emotionally it is known as the oil of truth. It has the ability to help us reveal deceptions + false truths. It reminds us that we are loved + protected and how to stand tall in our truth of Self.

VETIVER: Not a tree but a grass. Is rich in sesquiterpenes (chemical compound), which gives it a grounding effect. It has a grounding effect on emotions. Emotionally its is known as the oil of centering + descent. Allows you to feel more rooted in life. Assists one in deeply connecting to what they feel + think. It is great in all kinds of self awareness work. Centers one in their true self + guides them to the root of their emotional pain. It will help one find relief but not through avoidance. Relief comes when one can travel within + meet the core of their emotional issues. It opens the door to light + recovery through the downward, inward journey!  <3

To use any of these 3 oils, you can diffuse them or put a drop with carrier oil onto your feet or hands and breathe in the oil. I also will take some and place it on the back of the neck and on wrists.

When using them, I suggest journaling. Write down how you are feeling + why you are choosing to use this oil and then go about your day noticing how you feel. Have you felt more grounded? What experiences have show up for you to notice yourself or others being grounded?


There are so many other ways to feel grounded:

  • Walking outside barefoot
  • Eating
  • Energetically growing tree roots from your legs down to the crystalline core of Gaia
  • Drinking water
  • Feeling into your body
  • Exercise/movement
  • Gardening
  • etc.

I would love to hear if you use grounded techniques as a part of your daily lifestyle?  Leave me a comment below.  

If not, I encourage you to give some of these tools and techniques a try and see how your day/life may shift.  Then feel free to come back and share your experiences!