How To Stay Motivated To Go After Your Desires


You have desires and dreams.  You want to create and live a life that feels true to who you are.  

You want to be happy and feel like you are accomplishing something great in the world.  

How do I know this?  

Because I desire it too.  

This is something that you feel deep within your heart.  You desires and dreams are specifically unique to you.  

Not everybody wants the same things.  That is what makes this human experience so amazing.  

This life can very easily distract you from create something that you truly desire.  


How can you stay motivated to go after what you desire?


1.  Be clear about what you desire to create - Set a desired goal, then create stepping stones to reaching that desired goal.  

For example, you really want to create a lifestyle that supports yourself and your family.  You need to break this down into easy steps that will move your forward.  Really think about what it will take you to go from where you are, to where you want to be.  Then feel in the middle section with small stepping stones (or action steps) that will get you to your true desired goal.


2.  Define your WHY - WHY are you wanting to do this?  Get specific, feel into what this would do for you when you achieve your desires.  This is your MOTIVATION that will move you forward.  I encourage you to review this WHY daily with feeling and vision.


3.  Create a support system - doing things by yourself is no fun and as you might already know, slow you down.  Why not create your own support system.  

Find a few people that you connect with who also want to create motivation and support in their life to move forward on their own desires.  Set up weekly connection times so that you can hold each other accountable.  Support each other to move past the challenges you face with moving forward.  Of course, celebrate the successes you all have along the way.


4.  Create your environment to support your desires and goals -  I like to have images around me that uplift me and remind me about what I am doing.  Crystals and essential oils are great tools to create a calming and uplifting space so that you can stay focused on your desired task.  


5.  Take daily action to move you forward - Everyday take a look at what you need to do, from step 1 above, to move you closer to your desires and  ...... wait for it ....... DO IT!  How many times do you get side tracked or stuck because something you need to do is too much for you.  

If it becomes too overwhelming, feel into the energy and ask yourself, "What can I do to not make this so overwhelming?"  Then do that.  

What you don't want to do is push off your daily task for months and years down the road.  You will just be upset about yourself and think wow...if I just did that one thing (and not try to hide from it) I would have been so far ahead right now.


6.  Give yourself some love - Your desires are yours for a reason.  They most likely won't manifest in a few hours or a few days.  It takes time to turn your life around to the way you truly desire to live it.  Be gently on yourself and love yourself through this whole process.  Love moves mountains.  Hate, anger, frustration only slows you down, sometimes forever.  


You truly are an amazing light, here to CREATE all that you desire.  Dig deep from within and take the necessary steps you need to to get there!  

Everyone is cheering you on!!


I would love to hear what your biggest desire to create is and if you need support, let us know.  Leave me a comment below!