How To Support Yourself During The Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal is an energetic alignment of Earth, Sun and Sirius in the sky every year on August 8.  

8-8 portal happening in the astrological sign of Leo, which is the lion.  This day, and any portal, star gate or energetic gateway are extremely powerful.

These energies come through whether you are conscious about it or not.  You will feel it in your own way.  For those who are wanting to consciously choose how to tap into these energies, I want to offer some support for you.

 how to support yourself through the lionsgate portal


How to Support Yourself During The Lionsgate Portal


  • STAY GROUNDED.  Energy can effect people in different ways.  It can really knock you off your socks and get you feeling out of normal, if you are not grounded and present in your reality.   Grounded means you are present in your body and also connected to Earth. 

During this time, notice if you are able to stay grounded. You are conscious of BEing in your whole body.  Your not in your heard.  You aren't projecting into the future.  You aren't wondering in the past.  

If you feel like you need support staying grounded during this time here are a few tools you can use:

Wear a grounding crystal in your pocket - Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz or even Hemitite can help you feel rooted in to your experience on Earth and fully in your body.

Use Balance Essential Oil Blend - Known asthe oil of grounding.  This blend consists of tree oils and roots.  It will help you anchor your energetic body into your physical body.  Supporting you to navigate in the present moment.


  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER - your body is made of 70% water.  Water is needed for our body's survival, to renew cells and also supports the movement of energy throughout your body.  Drinking more water will help support your whole body through this energetic portal.  


  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY - So many times we push ourselves to keep going but in reality, that may not be in our best interest in this moment.  Continuously check in with yourself and ask what you may need at this time.  Do that!  Your body knows more than you give it credit for.  Start learning to listen to it, respect what comes through and give it what it needs.  


  • REST - As you may have already realize, energetic portals and gateways bring through energy which effects each personal differently.  Energy can really take a toll on the physical body.  Allow yourself some extra rest time during this period.  It helps you master being grounded, listening to your body and supporting the energy coming through.


  • STAY FOCUSED ON THE ENERGETIC THEME - this month is about taking action.  It is a powerful month to move yourself forward.  Just like the Lion, it knows what it needs to do and how to do it.  Don't let the Lionsgate Portal slow you down.  After you have supported your self through the energy streaming forth through Sirius, us it to power you forward.  Stay focused on your goals and what you are working toward this month.

You can download The Energetic Report here: 


If you feel you are being challenged during this time, tap into this Moving Through Challenges, Crystalline Activation.  It can support you, right where you are.

Essentially, it is up to you how you will respond to the energies coming through.  The Lionsgate Portal will support you in feeling more alive and connected in your light while being fully embodies in your HUman-ness.  You got this.  

If you feel stuck or want to celebrate what is coming through for you at this time, please leave me a comment below.  I appreciate your support and thank you for sharing this!  

Luminous Blessings,

 stacy stehle