Inner Wisdom Crystalline Activation

 inner wisdom crystalline activation

Every month carries a unique energetic vibration that effects your everyday living.  August's energetic impression is taking action. 

We step into a new energetic month later this week it is supporting us with the energy of taking action. This week is allowing us to move into that energetic impression with ease and flow.

No matter what is going on around you, you are being guided this week to go within and tap into your inner wisdom.

Our world is created with the concept of free will. Other people will choose to do what they do. When you can accept this, it opens the door for you to be your unique creative source in this reality.

The charoite card are bringing forth this deeper connection to your intuition. Allowing you to go within to see opportunities and gain clarity that will support you in moving forward.

It is up to you to lift yourself into your heart center to access this inner wisdom. Allow your heart to guide the way.

Make time to connect and tune into your inner wisdom.  How do you tune into your own frequency?  

Nourish yourself and your inner wisdom connection.

Meditate.  Journal.  Breathe into your center.  Ground yourself.  Feel into your body.  What are you receiving from your heart?

Trust.  What is your inner wisdom sharing with you this week?  Allow it to guide you on the path.

Shining your light, leads the path for others.

Have a luminous week!

 inner wisdom crystalline activation

Here is a video if you would rather listen or sit in meditation to receive:


Luminous Blessings,

 stacy stehle


Work with the energy of the month to feel connected and supported on your journey. 


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