Moving Through Challenges Crystalline Activation


Weekly Crystalline Activation - Moving through challenges

Challenges can bring forth energies that may not feel good. Fear, negativity, even betrayal. These are energies that within the body can make us do things from an emotional state of BEing that don't feel good or we regret that we did them.

This week we are activating your power of choice to move through challenges. You can choose to REACT to these challenges or RESPOND to them. Yes there is a difference. RE-acting is using the emotional energy of the situation, usually trigger you from the memories or experiences that make you feel like you need to defend yourself. Expelling words and energy that hurts someone or something, later showing regret.

Responding is allowing yourself to breathe or go within to your light and feel into the energy of what is happening. Moving the energy through your body before taking action. A place of consideration for all that is happening. Allowing yourself to move forward from a place of peace from within. Trusting in your light to lead the way.

RE-member you are a master of light. You have the ability to re-store peace, balance and clarity within any situation. It is your choice. You have the ability to RE-program yourself to allow the state of responding to flow through you so you can release the energies of reaction. Knowing that reaction doesn't serve your highest good.

Empower yourself. Be the light that you are. Do what it takes to change your neural pathways to respond to challenges from within your heart center. The reaction responses do not serve anyone. This week is an upgrade to your light. But you are the vessel and you are required to do the work yourself.

Allow yourself the opportunity to be the light that you are. Move through your challenges with ease and grace. Responding to the energies. Truly allowing anything that doesn't serve you to go.

You got this. Take back your power and use it for the highest good of all.

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Here is the video version if you would like to sit in meditation and receive:


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Healing physical body symptoms yet pulling in energetic support for the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself too.