Process of Integration

At this time, we are experiencing a process of integration. You are integrating more of your light within your physical form. Allowing yourself to feel into this new version of you. 

Things are not as they used to be. YOU are not as you used to be. This process of integration may and can look like challenges in your life. 

 Process of integration

This week's activation was about moving through challenges, you can access that here:

To move through this integration process, it requires you to listen from within. Much like moving through challenges.

I have received great guidance on Balance to move us through this integration process. Balance is a state of integration. Aligning all parts of your light within you. Allowing yourself to feel into the subtle energies that guide you. 

What I AM seeing within myself, is that I AM not who I used to be. Trying to fit into a box. Doesn't work. 

How many times have people told you that YOU need to do YOU? 

BUT.......until you absolute feel it from within you, you may not understand what doing YOU means. 

It will be a challenge for you to understand how to do YOU. Your own activation has to occur from within. You need to let go and allow this process. Feel into what it means for you.

Letting go. Going within and feeling into this integration process. 

When you can embrace YOU, that is when you will stop comparing yourself to everyone outside of you. That is when you can TRUST who you truly are. That is when YOU will feel comfortable enough to allow your own natural abilities to pour forth. 

Creating a space to be TRUE to you and honor how different this experience is from everyone else.

This is who you are. This is what you brought with you in this reality. This is you BEing a renegade of light. Holding more than ever before. Shifting the outdated. 

To allow the integration process bring more BALANCE within yourself and your life. Notice what transpires. Allow yourself to let go of the old. You are stepping into new territory. You know how to lead the way.

Luminous love to you,



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