RE-claiming Your Beginnings & Creating The New

Every month I pull a crystal ally card to uncover the energetic theme and gives us a base to see where we are and how we can create more self-care and self-love within this theme to support ourselves to feel and be more of who we truly are.

**Please note that this material can be accessed and worked with at any time.  If you are reading this in a different month, that is perfectly OK.  This material is meant for you at the particular time you are interacting with it.   


For the month of july, the energetic theme is: Beginnings

Last month we Unified with our Life Force, and we are using that energy for this month, in July to RE-claim our truth in our roots (beginning) our ancient wisdom and knowledge (which is found within us) and using it to really step into a create from a new space.  

What we do know is that we are life force, we are more than just our physical body.  Bringing with us our soul and our ancient knowledge and wisdom.  This is found deep within your cells, DNA and energy body.  

When you are able to acknowledge your life force, your light and allow more of it to flow through you,  you awaken and activate those ancient aspects of knowledge.  

This month shares with us that we have access to our beginnings, always have, always will.  

However, the energies I feel are supporting us to step into that knowledge, feel into our light and create the new beginnings that we so desire.  This desire comes from within your heart space.  It pulls you to BEing truthful to who you are.  

Feeling and connecting with your physical vessel while appreciating and listening to the cosmic energies that you are from within.  Giving you the power, actually YOU are giving yourself back the power to CREATE!



 reclaiming your beginning and creating the new

Do you feel the connection from within to ancient wisdom and knowledge?  

If you don't, how can you open up to more of that?  How can you allow yourself to honor your light?  To know that you are more than just a HUman in this earthly experience?

What beginning do you want to create this month? 

What is calling from your heart to finally step into and do?

How can you honor the old and release it so that you can set into a new direction?  



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Tapping Into Your Own Intuitive Guidance

 tap into your own intuitive guidance

I suggest getting a journal just for the monthly themes to help you explore and expand on the information we share each month.

  • What does the energy card say to you?
  • What does the images on the card mean to you? 
  • What does the word "beginnings" mean to you?
  • What does the element "earth" mean to you?
  • How can you see this theme and energy playing out in your life right now? Explain.
  • What do you feel could support you to create your new beginning?

If you feel guided to share, post some of your responses below! If you have questions, ask.

This process allows for you to really tap into your own intuitive and healing abilities. You are going to be able to uncover what may best support you this month, as each person is unique and individualized! 

I look forward to hearing from you!  I appreciate your support!  Thank you!


Healing physical body symptoms yet pulling in energetic support for the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself too.


Energetic practices to living your light in this reality.