Deep Healing + Self-Love Crystalline Activation

Opening up space to adventure into the depth of YOU. Allowing yourself to fully see all of who you are. Even the parts of yourself that we don't like or like to hide.

You are HUman and emotions play a huge role in this time and space. But I also want to RE-mind you that YOU are also more than just HUman. 

You are a MASTER of light.

The WHOLE of you is absolutely amazing. Even the parts of you that you don't like. This week feels like a gentle but needed deep healing that will allow you to SEE, if you are ready and EMBRACE all parts of who you are. This is what makes you WHOLE. Right now. 

Are you ready to see yourself as you are?

Spend some time, feeling into the parts of you that you don't like. Possibly experiences that made you feel regretful and full of guilt. 

Place those thoughts and experiences into this crystalline grid and allow them to seen with love. Allow your light to transform them with love.

Seeing this experience for what it needs to be seen for. Only you know what that is. 

Knowing that right here, right now, you are a Master of Light. You get to transform, create and move forward knowing yourself as whole and complete. And loving every aspect of who you are because that is truly who you are. 

This crystalline grid will also activate you in any way that needs to be seen. Honor what you see. Honor what comes through and most importantly love yourself through this process. Allow yourself heart center to open. 

Feel the connection and love that you always carry. It is within you! Self-Love is TRANSFORMATIONAL.

 self-love crystalline activation

Here is the video version.  Allow yourself to activate through the power of my voice and the crystalline grid:


Luminous Blessings,