Soul Connection Crystalline Activation

This weeks activation is about Soul Connection.  An inward journey to expand self-awareness and one's surroundings.  

Your Soul lives within you and the opportunity to tune into it is here.  There is nothing outside of yourself that can show you who you are.  It all comes from within. 

Too many times we can be overwhelmed with the energies outside of us that we feed into the undesirable and unwanted chaos.  Giving away our power to the unconsciousness. 

It takes dedication, inner strength and the desire to be the change.  Simply by RE-membering your light within.  Your light is never gone, sometimes dimmed but is forever lighting your way of who you truly are.

Allow yourself this week to feel into your Soul Connection.  Tune into your heart center each day, even for 5-10 minutes.  I created a video last week to help.  Access it here: How To Connect With Your Light.  

Your Soul Connection will strengthen your ability to be fully present in your light, grounding you in the present allowing you to alway be in your own mastery.  Opening up space for clarity and expansion to see things from a new perspective.  To give yourself the unconditional love and support you need when times feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate.  

Go within.  This crystalline grid and activation will help you feel into your heart.  To connect with your soul.  To allow for you to tune into your light.  Helping you navigate this reality will clarity and confidence.  Supporting you to listen to what you need at a soul level and honor your journey. 


Simply sit with the image above.  Feel into the crystals, feel into your heart space.  This crystalline activation will guide your way.  

Here is the video version if you would like to sit in meditation and receive:



Luminous Blessings,



Take care of your physical body while allowing yourself to listen to what your soul needs.


Shift the energy & support your intentions with a crystal grid + distant healing.