Stepping Into A New Space

Letting go/Release seems to be the big theme of this month, May 2017.

I think what is beautiful about this is the fact that as we let go or release things within our opens the doors for the NEW to come in.

This space right here is something brand new to me.  I have let go of all that I have created or tried to create and put together for something NEW to be born.

Within this site, I AM creating from my heart and doing things on my own terms.  

In this life right now, I have a beautiful opportunity to be a full time mom - learning and playing with my kids as they grown into their light right from this space.  I also feel the desire to share and create.  

This space is about my journey.  

Everything in my life has shifted.  What I thought I knew and believed in a few months ago.....I question and no longer hold those beliefs.  Food, work and especially, spirituality.  

Why?  Because it all wasn't adding up and making sense.  Nothing made sense or makes sense anymore.  I felt stuck, irritated and I lost myself trying to be or do something that I thought I needed to.

I desire to enjoy my children.  Play.  Laugh.  Feel good in my body.  Feel joy on a daily basis.  Love Life Again.   

This means saying goodbye to the old.  Old beliefs.  Old patterns.  Old rituals.  They are gone.  

The hard part about letting things go is not getting wrapped up in the energy of trying to figure this all out and follow the way life worked for other people.  

The beautiful part of this journey is that we hold the keys, WITHIN.  

As of now...I realize the questioning I AM doing about all of this life, is awakening my consciousness even more.  

I AM very excited to birth this new space and to share my journey!  

I appreciate you being here.  Reading.  Supporting.  And sharing.   

Here is to our beautiful journey that we create!


Stacy Stehle is an Unschooling Mom, Wellness Coach, Blogger & Creator!  Her journey empowers others to go within and listen.  This space is to help you learn tools to stay connected to who you truly are while inspiring you push past your limits so you can feel energized to create and live your life in your own way!