Stillness To Move Forward

I absolutely love when I AM fully present and notice when things such as words, meanings, messages, etc. show up for me on multiple occasions.  

When things show up for me on multiple occasions, I start to look a little deeper into what it may mean for me.

Over the past week, the energy and words coming through is about stillness.  

Going within.  Feeling within yourself.  BEing OK with BEing with yourself.  Let go.  Reflect.  Call back your energy.  Expand your energy.

The message of Stillness To Move Forward is about strengthening your energy field and awareness by going within and BEing OK with being present with your body.  Tuning into your heart center.  Feeling your light.  Tuning your energy field to your light.  

 stillness to move forward

There are too many times that I find myself living from my mental state.  This can cause me so many problems.  RE-hashing old energies, conversations and actions.  Pulling me into an unbalanced emotional state.  Leaving me feeling upset, angry and dis-connected, sometimes.

It happens we are HUman.  We have all these emotions for a reason.  Our brain ego wants to keep us safe by using past experiences and situations.  

But staying in this particular mental state, operating from this space, will only keep you stuck and spinning your wheels.  RE-playing patterns and behaviors that don't serve you in reaching your goals and stepping our of your comfort zone.  Doing what truly calls you from within your heart space.

Stillness allows you the opportunity to tune into your light, your heart. 

To feel the unconditional love that you are and always are and always will be. 

To guide you on your path. 

To give you the strength to take the necessary action to move you towards your desires, dreams and goals.  

Create A Stillness Practice: 

  • Conscious breathing - deep breathe in,  deep breathe out
  • Sitting in silence, being aware of your body and your breath
  • Follow a meditation
  • Connect With Your Light

Allow yourself to do this for at least one week.  Even if it is for a few minutes a day.  Write down how you feel before starting.  What are your experiences like.  Then journal your practice and how you feel after a week.  What do you notice?  What has shifted?  Were you able to follow this practice?  Follow your own intuition.  You know what is best for you. 

Come back and share.  I would love to hear what you did.  What worked for you and your experiences!

Luminous Blessings,



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