Trusting Your Light To Lead The Way

 trusting your light to lead the way

Weekly Crystalline Guidance ⁣🔮

Trusting your light to lead the way. Understanding discernment. Not everything may be for your highest and best interest at this time. It may look like you may need it or want it, but when you dive deeper into whatever this may be for you, it is probably going to show you something else. That is why it is important to really feel into your heart and trust your light to lead the way. ⁣

Only you know the truth of what you are desiring. It will feel like a resonance within your heart center. If it feels anything other than that, even the desire to rush into something that may seem like it is best in supporting you forward, I AM cautioning you to really sit with the way you feel and take time to discern. ⁣

The beauty, the messages, the inner wisdom may come when you take time to peak into the inner layers of your desires. What may be showing up for you is something that you already know. It may be something that you tried on a while ago and at this present moment, it isn't your current belief. It may not be something you need right now. That is OK. ⁣

Tapping into that knowing, is huge. It will save you so much time, energy and even money. Trust your path. ⁣

Knowing that not everything will be needed for you. Your light will guide you. Your heart will lead you to joy! Let your mind relax and follow your heart. Enjoy your week!⁣

Luminous Blessings!! ✨✨✨❤️


Here is a video if you would rather listen or sit in meditation to receive:


Luminous Blessings,



Support yourself this month with the energy of taking action.  


Balance your energy centers so you feel more in alignment with your light.