What Are Chakras & Why Are They Important

 what are chakras and why are they important

Chakras are the energy centers that run within the aura and physical body.  In sanskrit the word chakra means "disk" or 'wheel".  Chakras are a way to allow cosmic energy to flow from the higher aspects of you to your physical body.  

It has been said that we literally have hundreds of chakras that run within and around our physical bodies. 

Most people know and talk about the main chakras because they are specifically aligned within and up the spine and beyond of the physical body.  They are linked to specific areas of the physical body and correspond to particular nerve centers. 

These main chakras are very important for the health and vitality of the physical body.

 What Are Chakras and Why Are They Important


What does a Chakra do?

These energy centers are spinning discs of light that govern our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  

When these chakras are balanced, the energy flows smoothly through them and you feel a a sense of balance in health and well being!

When these energy centers can become blocked, one may experience physical, emotional and even mental dis-ease within the body. This can lead to fear, doubt, health issues and many challenges in your life.

Our chakras represents specific aspects that will help you live in alignment with our soul and our physical body.  When they are balanced we live a more healthy, balanced and expanded out look on our physical reality.  

Every chakra is associated with a particular color and location on the physical body, physical body systems and organs, expressions + spiritual attributes.


Let's explore the main chakras

EARTH STAR CHAKRA -  this is located about 6" below your feet.  It connects your physical body to this Earthly plane.  Acting as a grounding cord for your multi-dimensional light.  Releasing excess light and energy into the crystalline grids.  The color of this chakra is brown.


ROOT CHAKRA - located at the base of your spine.  It represents grounded-ness, stability and physical survival.  It influences the base of spine, rectum, feet, bones, legs, immune system.  It is associated with the color red.  


SACRAL CHAKRA - located about three fingers below your naval. It represents your emotions, creativity, and sensuality.  It influences your sexual organs, large intestines, pelves, lower vertebrae, bladder, appendix and hip area.  It is associate with the color orange.   


SOLAR PLEXUS -  It is located just above your naval. This chakra represents personal power, ego, personality and self-esteem.  It influences your abdomen, upper intestines, stomach, adrenals, spleen, liver, gallbladder, metabolism.  It is associated with the color yellow.


HEART CHAKRA -  located at the center of your chest.  It represents love, compassion and faith.  It influences the heart and circulatory system, lungs, shoulders, ribs and breasts, diaphragm and thymus gland. It is associated with the color green and or pink.  


THROAT CHAKRA -  located in the center if your throat. It influences the throat, thyroid, neck, mouth, esophagus, hypothalamus.  It represents communication and listening, how you use your voice, self-expression. It is associated with the color blue.


THIRD EYE CHAKRA -  located right above your eye brows in the middle of our forehead. It represents intuition, insight, psychic abilities and mind.  It influences the brain, nervous system, eyes, nose and pineal gland.  It is associated with the color indigo.


CROWN CHAKRA -  located at the top of your head. This chakra represents your connection with the Universe, trusting life, faith and inspiration.  It influences the skeletal system, skin, muscular system and pituitary gland.  It is associated with the color violet.



There are so many ways,  I would connect with your intuition and ask yourself which one is the best way for you.  Visualization, crystal healing, essential oils. 

I share how to work with chakra energy in our Break Free course.   It also pulls in the energy of the ocean, crystal + essential oils to support you in feeling whole and empowered.