What Are Essential Oils?


Essential oils have been around for thousands of years.  They have been used widely in this time for health, cosmetic and even religious purposes.  

Today more and more people are realizing the power of essential oils and how they can support a healthy lifestyle.

What are Essential Oils?

They are essentially the defense system of a plant.  They are the natural aromatic compounds that are found in seeds, bark, rind and even the leaves of a plant.  

Everything that keeps a plant healthy and thriving.  These compounds are extracted, distilled and placed in little bottles to support our own emotional and physical wellness.    

Isn't nature amazing? 

We benefit from using essential oils because our cells are made similar to that of nature.  

The aroma of essential oils alone has the ability to interact with the olfactory receptors (smell) in the nose. They have profound effects on your emotions through the limbic system. 

Applying essential oils to the skin is also very beneficial.  Their chemical structures enables them to pass through skin for an immediate systemic response.

Essential oils have the ability to support your lifestyle in a way that empowers yourself.  To support your immune system.  To uplift your mood.  All opportunities to create a holistic lifestyle for yourself.  

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