What Is The Energetic Report?

 what is the energetic report?

For a few years now I would tap into the energy of the crystal ally cards and pull a card for the month for a whole year, representing the energy of the month. 

I shared this knowledge with some in a private group and each month we would learn more about the card, the energy and how it was playing out in our life. 

To my wonderful amazement, the energies that we were working with were actually playing out not only in our small circle but it was playing out and unfolding and showing up in the works and energy reports of other people. 

I was blown away.  I was also a bit in shock.  I couldn't believe that I was actually tapping into this expanded state of energy within the Universe. 

It took me a long time to trust my gifts because I used to tell myself, "Why me?  I AM just this person from Colorado.  A landlocked state. A stay at home mom.  Really?" 

Yeah, those limiting beliefs about self that got in the way.  So over time, I let the circle go but I was always lead back to pulling energy cards in December for the year ahead, with 12 cards representing the energies for every month of the year. 

Every time, I worked with this energy, I was blown away!  It was right on target with what was truly playing out in life and it actually supported me to stay centered and in my power.  

That lead me to start sharing this information on my blog. 

However, I felt like there needed to be more.  There needed to be a guidebook and even a workbook where we could journal our intuitive thoughts about the energy.  Stay focused with a particular month in our intentions and steps to move forward. 

That is when I had a brilliant idea to use my creativity skills, I love designing + creating from a digital point of view. 

It was just ending the month of July, which was the energies of Beginnings, most of it working with creating something new and moving into August which is all about taking action.  Haha!  See how beautiful that is.  So I have re-birthed this work into a new form.  A digital, printable guidebook + workbook.  

This guide dives into the crystal ally card, which brings forth the energy of the month.  I share crystals and essential oils that will support you in this energy and how to use them. 

You also receive guidance in moving forward, taking care of yourself but then you get to tap into your own intuitive power and create a healthy plan for yourself.  

Essentially, you are the only one that knows what works for you.  

The Energetic Report is filled with sacred geometry that you can use for crystal grids to power your intentions.  You can also use it as a coloring book and let yourself release and open up to more of the energies coming forth.

You can use this book any way to support you in tapping into the greatest source of who you are!  Understand the energies we have working with use for the month and use them in a productive way to support you on your journey!

I hope you will join me every month by using The Energetic Report.  You can access it here: https://www.stacystehle.com/shop/the-energetic-report

If you have any questions, let me know!  I AM here for you!

Luminous Blessings,

 Stacy Stehle