Why Having A Vision Is Important

A vision is a creative plan that you have in your mind of something you desire to accomplish.  The more detailed the vision, the more ability you have to actually break this vision into actionable steps to achieve.


Why Having A Vision Is Important

  • Your vision came from within you.  So you deeply resonate with it and creating this vision will help you to be more in alignment with your light.  It is apart of something you deeply desire to create.  
  • It allows you to anchor your future into this present reality.  
  • It provides an opportunity to create clear actionable step to achieve.  
  • It allows you to stay focused with the ability to accomplish tasks to reaching what you desire.  How many times have you gotten off track because you weren't really clear about what you desire.
  • Your vision allows you the inspiration you need to move you through the challenges you will face along the way.  
  • Your vision should allow your heart to open and expand more of your light into this reality.  
  • If your vision is not big enough.  If your vision doesn't move you into inspired action, it will not help you achieve what you truly desire to achieve.  

If you don't have a vision for yourself, your health, your life how will you be able to navigate and expand your light into this reality? 

I know you.  You have a deep desire to create more, to show up fully and create a change within your life, your health and even within the work you are called to do.  If that resonates with you, then allow yourself to get clear about your vision.  

Take some time to journal what this vision is.  What is the biggest thing that is calling your attention at this time?  Maybe it is something that you have tried to do but let go and it keeps calling to you.  Let's start with that.  

Allow yourself some time to sit with this vision and explore it.  Write it down, emphasizing how it will make you feel.  

Make sure this is YOUR own vision and not a vision someone else has imparted on you because they told you it was something they can see you doing.  This vision has to come from your heart.  It has to move you into inspired action. 

Then listen to the inspiration that flows through you can take a step forward into creating this vision!  

For myself, having pictures or visualize images of my vision, allows me to stay focused on what I AM creating.  It may shift and change as you go but you will never know if you don't start to make it a reality!

What is your biggest vision?  Share below.  Let us support you into using that vision to fuel your journey and bringing more of your light into this reality!