Why We Chose To Unschool


We have officially began our unschooling journey in November of 2015.  To be quite honest, I AM so blessed that we took this leap of faith and moved away from the system.

My son only went to school until part way through grade 2.  My husband and I were not a fans of standardize testing that started in grade 3.  So, we were looking for and open to new options.  We were also seeing things happen in school that made us question is this was even the right thing.  

Our son was bullied in 1st grade.  To watch this innocent, beautiful light get dimmed by others was not something we wanted him to go through his entire life.  We all have choices.  To take crap from others or to step away and create an environment that we love to be in.  We choose the latter.

I just love how easy it is to ask a question and BOOM!  Something shows up to help you!  That is when the concept of unschooling became known to me. 

I googled unschooling and immersed myself in information.  

Google is such a great learning tool.  

We then go the DVD Being & Becoming and I had my husband watch it with me.  It was exactly what we desired for our kids.  This freedom lifestyle where learning comes through the child's passion and curiosity for this world.  

Of course, we talked to our son about the option to stay in school or try something new.  You know what he picked. 😇 

I know what many may be thinking, how can a child choose his destiny?  There are responsibilities and school is what everyone does.  Well, we are not everyone.  

In fact, since 2006.  I started to wake up that we don't need to just follow the "RULES" of life.  We have choices and we are not meant to sleep walk into a life that people tell us what to do.  

Our children are more than capable to express what they truly desire.  How awesome is that.  

You were a child once.  How would it feel if the adults in your life asked YOU what you desire to do?  What if they believed in you so much that you could create anything in this lifetime

That is the possibility we are giving our kids!  That is what I desire for them.  

As parents, I feel we are guides.  My kids have just as much say in their life as I have in mine.  

My kids are learning to follow their hearts and create the life they desire! 

That is what I have come to realize after years in school, going to college.  Working in jobs I absolutely LOVED and many I HATED.  Finally finding learning new things by following my passions.  

We get to choose.  Through our choices, when we are enjoying and engaging with them....we LEARN!