You Are Meant To Stand Out

How many times do you find yourself looking at people, other businesses, opportunities to try and get inspiration but you find yourself trying to step into their shoes.  Trying to fit on what they have, because it appears on the outside, to be a success.  At least that is what you see.

You waste hours, days, years thinking you need to try out what others do, only to find yourself still "searching" for something.  Your dreams deep from within are slowing getting away from you because it is too hard.  Too much work.  Your not sure what the next best thing to do is.  

You came here, at this time with your unique spark of divine connection to the expansive existence of who you truly are. 

This energy, this light that you are has vast knowledge and connection to the expansive existence of all that is.  You are here to create with your light, your unique essence, your divine spark.

You came here to play, to create and not to fit in.  To use your light from within to push the boundaries of what anyone can do with the knowledge that we are God within HUman form.  


It is not about you fitting in but by YOU Standing Out!  

It is about stepping out of the mold or beyond the 3rd and 4th dimension (not leaving the physical reality) to expand into your highest light while here in HUman form.  You are meant to follow your ideas, desires, heart centered yearning and to create them in ways that have never been done before.

You are stuck because there is not a blueprint for this.  There is no "One fits all size".  This experience is uniquely and creatively YOURS!  That is why nothing works for you. 

Fitting into any model doesn't work.  You may squish yourself down to try and make it work but the minute you tap back into your center, it feels off and yuck.

You are here to create with your magic.  The energy and expansion of your light in HUman form.  That feels good.  That feels unique and when you can sit with this you notice how much you have just expanded?  You are expanding when you can let go of the borders and the boxes that you are trying to fit into.

Nothing like this has been done before because YOU are creating it.  

So, what are you ready to step into?  This requires you to get comfortable with YOU.  This requires you to TRUST in what feels right to you from within your heart space so you can step into the flow of your creation.

This feels absolutely exciting!  I AM so ready to see you let go of the constraints and soar to the expansion of your creations!