The OCean connects us to our greatest power

It has the ability to bring us back into alignment with who we truly are.


This Meditation will help you:

  • Release tension

  • Feel relaxed

  • Bring your body, mind and spirit into harmony

  • Begin to understand energy

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the ocean

self healing with the ocean energy

are you ready to find Healing + relaxation by tuning into the energy of the ocean?

The ocean can support you in creating a holistic healing and self care practice that allows you to build a strong foundation within yourself. The ocean will show you how to work at a physical and energetic level.



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Hi there, I’m Stacy. Healer + Intuitive Energy Coach and I love supporting others to empower themselves.

I understand how hard life can be. But there are simple ways to support yourself so you don’t feel burnt out or stressed all the time. What I share in this meditation, is a powerful process to feel grounded and supported within ourselves so we can create change in our life.

It truly is amazing how much things will shift and change just by working at an energetic level. I am excited to show you how!


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