Distant Crystalline Healing Grid

Distant Crystalline Healing Grid


July 15-17

This offering takes place during the full moon. This is a group grid that supports all those who feel called to connect and shift energy. It is not an individual healing grid.

Join us for a shift in energy, healing and expansion. I will create a group crystalline grid, infused with energy and your intentions. I will then email you a picture with a description of the crystals and anything else that went into the crystalline grid. This grid will stay up for 3 full days!

You can set your intention and connect in with the grid, if you desire. Listen and follow your inner guidance during this time. Use it to move you forward, healing or even support you in releasing.

The crystalline Grid

I would love to support you and your intentions!

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Here is what one participant had to share about her experience with a full moon distant healing group session:

“My healing intentions were to cut and heal any cord which kept me to move forward. After the moon healing ritual I experienced an increasing energy. My intentions were fulfilled. Thank you Stacy!” - Diana