Intuitive Guidance Session

Intuitive Guidance Session


Sometimes we need a little outside perspective to help us see something clearer.

  • Get unstuck

  • Relieve stress/pain

  • Create a self-care plan

  • Encouragement and support to take that next step

  • Confirmation of what you are already feeling, to build self-trust

That is what the Intuitive Guidance Sessions are all about.

I connect with your question, concern or guidance needed and I will pull 1 crystal energy card and 3 tarot cards that represent: body, mind and spirit.

Based on the information that is coming through I will ALSO give you recommendation + uses of crystals, essential oils and ocean guides to tap into to support you in moving forward with whatever your goals are.

These messages come with the guidance of the crystalline kingdom, essential oil, ocean guides along with my intuitive healing energies.

It is my intention that you receive the support you desire to create the change you are looking for.

Each reading is unique and specific to the individual soul who is asking for guidance.

This is an email reading sent in a pdf file. It is more than just a reading.

The information I bring through is very healing and transformational.

It works at the energetic level to create, heal and empower shifts so you can see clearly and move forward with what you are asking.

Be ready to receive! This intuitive guidance have the power to continuously support you on this journey. That means that every time you read it, you are tapping into the energy to receive additional guidance, support and inspiration that allows you to stand fully in your light.

DISCLAIMER: These readings give you a different perspective of how you can make changes in your life to move the energy flow and open up space for more of what you desire. There is not guarantees that your life will change through this reading. It is up to you to do the work to move the energy and create the change.

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Stacy is a pure and sincere channel of insight. She pulls stone ally cards, then intuits much more specific detail that considerably enhances and personalizes the card interpretations. She then adds recommendations from her knowledge, experience and understanding. I’ve had a few readings from Stacy over the years and every time am delighted yet again how excellent and helpful they are. They provide material for both reflection and action, so I can continue to work with them for quite some time after I’ve received the reading. After the most recent reading, I’ve felt lighter and clearer as well. Thank you, Stacy, for putting your gifts, knowledge and insight at the service of the world.
— Rosemary