Thank you, Stacy, for your brilliant coaching! Your gentle, personable approach to helping me tackle obstacles - and your ability to really hear what I’m saying - has paved the way for some amazing breakthroughs. You have an incredible gift for seeing all sides of an issue - which has allowed me to comfortably conquer my challenges and move forward in a way that feels completely authentic. I’m so glad to have you in my corner!
— T.G.

I was drew to the Healing Circle by positive energy I felt from Stacy’s posts. My healing intentions were to cut and heal any cord which kept me to move forward. After the moon healing ritual I experienced an increasing energy. My intentions were fulfilled. Thank you Stacy!

— Diana Sucala, Lifestyle Coach

Stacy is a pure and sincere channel of insight. She pulls stone ally cards, then intuits much more specific detail that considerably enhances and personalizes the card interpretations. She then adds recommendations from her knowledge, experience and understanding. I’ve had a few readings from Stacy over the years and every time am delighted yet again how excellent and helpful they are. They provide material for both reflection and action, so I can continue to work with them for quite some time after I’ve received the reading. After the most recent reading, I’ve felt lighter and clearer as well. Thank you, Stacy, for putting your gifts, knowledge and insight at the service of the world.
— Rosemary

“One thing about Stacy is that she wants to do her best and be her best in every thing she does. As we have worked together, Stacy has worked endlessly in perfecting her business savvy. Her talent for detail has put her head and shoulder above others when it comes to coaching. As her level of expertise and confidence has grown so has her ability to help others experience the joy and freedom of releasing their fears and inhibitions. It truly continues to be an exciting journey with Stacy.”
— Arlene

Stacy - you are a total delight. I can’t think of anyone who cares as much or is as dedicated to the success of their clients as you. You actually make losing weight and staying healthy fun. Thank you for your positive energy and encouragement. I love working with you!
— Nancy Brown

“Your leadership and support has been wonderful throughout this entire program.  I personally want to thank you so much because I know if it wasn’t for you, I would never have bothered to learn any of this important information.  I would probably still be sitting here, over weight and whining about it.  Thank you so much.
— Beatrice