Tuition-free course + Access to our essential Light Collective, our dóTERRA Team.

This is for new wholesale customers or wellness advocate accounts


I offer our Essential Light Collective members the opportunity to gain free access to our holistic wellness courses, tuition-free to support them on their holistic living + soul empowerment path.  I have put together a customized essential oil kit to fully support you in the Break Free course.  

 Emotional Aromatherapy System - Diffuser - Break Free

Diffuser kit

This kit allows you to diffuser your oils as well as apply them topically; carrier oil not included.  


This kit include:

  • Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused, Item: 21310001

  • Spearmint 15ml, Item: 31610001

If you have any questions, please contact me so I can support you!  *Pricing does not include shipping and tax.

How to join Our Essential Light Collective and receive Break Free online Course; tuition-free 

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STEP 1: Set up your dóTERRA Account


  • Read over this page to determine your desired account type: must choose wholesale customer or wellness advocate.

  • Choose your desired account and fill out the registration form.

  • You should see this picture at the bottom of the form, that tells dóTERRA that you are registering with Stacy Stehle and will be a part of Luminaries Tribe

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STEP 2: Order Your Products

  • Next, select your kit.

  • Scroll down to the Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit, the enrollment fee is waived.

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  • Add the additional product, which is the Spearmint essential oil.

  • Checkout

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STEP 3: Register for Break Free

  • Email Stacy at:

  • In the email, please provide me with your full name and link to your facebook page . I will set you up your Break Free course + add you to our Essential Light Collective Facebook Group.